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Launching Black Trans Media and Supporting Black Trans People

The website has been sitting ready to go live since last year, what are we waiting for? In many ways we are the ones we've been waiting for. This work happens over night, early in the morning, weekends, and with grateful appreciation to our communities who've helped affirm our work as an important contribution.

We've been prioritizing our direct work documenting the lives and experiences of black trans leaders and movement spaces, holding events like "Black Trans Love Is Wealth" to uplift our black trans community, strengthening a network of black trans leaders and artists through events like #Blacktranseverything the first and only black trans film festival, reaching hundreds of black trans people directly and online educating thousands. We are constantly engaging in work that is shifting and reframing the value and worth of black trans peoples by refusing to decentralize our narratives.

"It's been sitting here for almost a year unpublished, ready for the public and yet true to our capacity and mission the site hasn't been our focus with crucial organizing, education, and media driving our work. If this helps us reach even one more person, as always it makes all sleepless nights worth it." - Sasha Alexander, Black Trans Media

Our site is finally launched! Black Trans Media is honored to have had community support over the last 24 months on the ground across the country connecting over conversations, workshops, feasts, in outrage, to rally, to document, and redefine. Now you can finally see more of our #blacktranseverything work, contact us, view media, engage in our projects, and more! Black Trans Media is committed to shifting and reframing the value and worth of black trans peoples, we are not a 501c3, we need your support to in LIKES in LOVE in DONATIONS in COLLABORATION ad SUSTAINABLE SPACE for our communities to thrive, uplifting the voices and lives of black trans people everywhere. A special thank you to the TransJustice Funding Project, Storycorp, and North Star for their support of our work!

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