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Monday Meditation Space

Black Trans Media Monday virtual mediation session are led by and for Black Trans Men and Trans Masc folks at noon EST every Monday on zoom. This is a space for individual and collective care.

Listen into our meditations below! Contact us to learn more or join.

Image of Josiah recording his meditation at Black Trans Media in Brooklyn.
photo taken by Sasha Alexander.

In 2021 during the pandemic as a way to take care of our mental health and each other we began holding Monday Virtual Meditation sessions every week.


Our space nourishes self and community care through a healing justice framework that integrates leadership development and media making skills. Basically a lot of us were struggling to have a consistent practice around meditation, and we wanted to hear meditations for and by us in our own voices centered on our black trans liberation.


In 2022 we brought back weekly session and decided to use our media production skills to produce our own unique meditations. In 2023 we held space to develop these meditations with a core group writing, recording, producing, and developing soundscapes and music. Listen below!

Black Trans Men Meditation - Eli - Visualization - 8_15_23, 9.36 PMArtist Name
00:00 / 04:00
Black Trans Meditations - Devin - Affirmations for Black Trans Men - 8_15_23, 9.50 PMArtist Name
00:00 / 07:01
Black Trans Meditation - Sasha - Visualizing Black Trans Liberation - 8_15_23, 9.10 PMArtist Name
00:00 / 07:01

More about our program

This is a space led by and for Black Trans Men and Trans Masculine folks. 

We start by 12:05pm and we meditate until about 12:30pm making space for connection and reflection. If you know someone who could use the space please encourage them to contact us on our socials or email for the link.

If you attend our Mondays feel free to share the link directly with trusted comrades, but do not post the link publicly.

Monday Meditation space - 1_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Image of Devin recording his meditation at our space
photo taken by Sasha Alexander
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