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Powerful interview with KOKUMO Kinetic FEATURING beautiful music from her debut EP "There Will Come a Day" KOKUMO talks about the non-profit industrial complex, being a survivor, the legacy of black folks starting their own businesses and work, and impact her work is making in trans communities of color. 


LISTEN as she shares how "her art is weapon... to liberate." 

Interviewed by Sasha Alexander in Bedstuy Brooklyn January 2014 at Black Trans Media Headquarters

ISLAN(Won't You Celebrate Me) ft. Lucille Clifton
PRODUCED by Sasha Alexander

Produced August 2014 during a summer rampant with murders of black trans women, Sasha Alexander produced "ISLAN (Won't You Celebrate Me) ft. Lucille Clifton to honor the power and intersections of black/trans/women. This short track features the end of Cliftons poem "Won't You Celebrate Me" and is created for in memory and in life for all black trans people. The music was created to mirror black life and the feelings the black trans body hold in memory and mourning, in life and death.

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