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Space Request Form

This is a form to request our space for programming/events

Our space in Brooklyn includes outdoor and indoor space that is available for free to Black TGNC people who are members of Black Trans Media or who are Black TGNC people that work in alignment with our practices and values as abolitionist organizers, artists, and educators centering Black TGNC narratives, education, leadership and communities. We work from an intersectional framework for liberation and transformation to address anti blackness, racism, colonialism, and transphobia in our lives, communities, and movements. 

Interviewing Renae Green Executive Director of Trans Wave Jamaica
Dear Black Trans Men You Are Loved event 

We prioritize events for Black TGNC people and our TGNC Communities of Color that work in solidarity for black trans liberation. As a political home for Black Trans people we ask that everyone and especially cis, white, and non-black folks who have the honor to enter our space be accountable that this space is intentionally led by and for Black TGNC people. The neighborhood where we are located, in Bedstuy, holds deep cultural and historical significance for us as Black folks.

We acknowledge that our space is located on stolen Lenapehoking land and ask event organizers to consider how you support the local community and disrupt gentrification (over policing, lack of affordable housing, racism and transphobia) still occurring here and everywhere today.

In our commitment to disability justice our space is on a ground floor, there are no steps to enter the space, there is a 3-inch step from the door to the outside patio area. The b44 and b26 bus stops are across from our location and we are 4-5 blocks from the A\C trains at Franklin Ave (which is a wheelchair accessible station) and Nostrand Ave MTA stations.

We staff the space as we can and any request that is confirmed and scheduled is responsible for setup, cleanup, and costs unless collaboration is agreed upon. If you have immediate questions email 

Forna Trans Black Trans Brazil Delegation with Black Trans Fund, Black Trans Blessing, and Black Trans Travel Fund
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