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Monday Meditations

A space for black trans people to meditate together, in this space we will engage in breath work, guided processes and so much more, it can be a great way to start the week.

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Technical Tuesdays

We are using Tuesdays to get technical with equipment and tools to name a few things that go into our creative projects.

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Film Screenings

We host weekly and monthly film screening uplifting and honor the experiences of black trans people working in film, thru film or on film and discuss the intersections 

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Digital Support Space

Each week discuss various aspects of our lives and movements: anti-blackness, transphobia, love, careers, healthcare and other critical issues in our lives and communities.          

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Black Trans Creatives 

A space for Black Trans Creatives every wednesday of the month to create work across mediums (poetry, music, designs, painting) with space to develop your work, skills, and connect. We encourage Black Trans organizers, advocates, and story tellers to join us and create more art to shift our movements. 

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Organizing Meeting

We are building across struggles and leadership, are you looking for a space to get critical about the climate of violence for Black TGNC people join us as we organize to obliterate oppression.

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Sistah Circle 

A space to Process + Build + Vision as we honor and celebrate black trans women in Nyc and beyond.

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