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Upcoming/Annual/Past Events

We also collaborate to host events, screenings, and workshops contact us for more info!
"Black Trans Love is Black Wealth" #blacktransloveisblackwealth


Nikki Giovanni said "black love is black wealth" and we want you to know black trans love is black wealth. In a world that is killing and locking up, isolating and harrasing black trans peoples - our communities are richest when we love ourselves and our loved by our people. What is the power of black trans love and how is love a part of our liberation?  Use our hashtag #blacktransloveiswealth and share the love


​Please Note: This event is open to black trans folks

"Trans-Giving- an anti-colonial black trans feast"


Following the Trans Day of Remembrance we always hold "Trans-Giving" as an anti-colonial celebration to honor the power and lives of black trans folks/of color in a decolonizing feast. We gather together to uplift the real narratives of our communities and the history of our peoples.

"Trans-Africanism-a trans pan-african kwanzaa celebration"



Many in our community have celebrated Kwanzaa but never in a space to uplift trans people to honor the principals and teachings together in our lives. The principals of self determination and unity among wisdom guide our conversation, we pour libations for our ancestors, and hold space to feast and share our stories and lives. 


In celebration leading up to the New Year we gather together to celebrate black trans life, creating space to lift up and shift, gather and exist.

August 2014 In honor of Islan Nettles we hosted  "Black, Red, and Blue- Black Trans New Yorkers Stories of Criminalization" in August 2014. This event featured the film "Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles" directed and produced by Seyi Adebanjo. We also featured a panel including the Producer/Host of the Kitty Bella Radio Show Katrina Goodlett. The evening was part screening part storytelling event and we uplifted the experiences and narratives of black trans folks, everything from jail to stop and frisk, not being able to call the cops and more. 

"The Fire Next Time" aka "Compton, Deweys, Stonewall"



In resistance and celebration leading up to New York City pride every June black trans people gather to organize, speak on our history, and hold space to remember the role black trans people have played in organizing, art, and liberation.

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