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black trans film festival*

***Please note our film festival is biennial (occuring every other year) est. 2015

"Black Trans Futures" our 2017 Film Festival featured original artwork by NYC based Apollo Flowerchild

2015 blacktranseverything posters and graphics created by Sasha Alexander

In August 2015 we held the first and only film festival featuring work created by black trans and gender non conforming artists and organizers in Harlem NYC at the Maysles Documentary Center.

The film festival was held in Harlem during August to honor the life of Islan Nettles, a young black trans women who was attacked and killed in the neighborhood August 2013.

The flm festival concluded with libations for those we've lost including a speak out candle light vigil for Islan Nettles outside the Maysles Cinema on Lenox Ave and 127th street.   


"HERO MARS" - Directed by Skyler Cooper



Directed by - Olympia Perez



Co-Directed by - Lucah Rosenberg-Lee

"OYA (Something Happened on the Way to West Africa) Directed by - Seyi Adebandjo

For info on 2019 festival stay tuned!

We paid every artist and filmmaker who performed and shared work. 
Donate to support our work!  

If you are a black trans filmmaker with work to show please contact us!

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