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Sasha Alexander Founder at the vigil for Islan Nettles August 2013 photo by Oluseyi Adebanjo 

Marquee from Black Trans Medias March 2014 Black Trans Def Poetry Jam 

Olympia Perez Content Director speaks at the rally to remember Islan Nettles August 2014

What We Do

  • develop a political home by and for Black Trans leaders, artists, organizers, storytellers, and media makers working for liberation


  • create and facilitate workshops, political education, screenings, trainings, and events to build knowledge, strategy, and power


  • collaborate on projects with local, national, and international community organizers, artists, and organizations


  • produce multi-media projects documenting and sharing the lives and stories of Black Trans folks working across movement


  • build the media production, arts, and leadership skills of Black Trans community​​


  • engage in mutual aid and moving resources directly to Black Trans communities

  • advocate using media to address immediate and long term conditions


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