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Black Trans Lives Matter Workshop at Tulane Black Arts Festival Thursday March 12th

The Tulane Black Student Union (tBSU) is hosting a workshop, screening and panel of Black Trans Media's work at their 2015 Black Arts Festival going on from Sunday March 8th - Sunday March 15th 2015 on Tulane University's campus and at the Ashe' Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year's festival is themed "A Celebration of Black Culture, Arts and Entertainment" and features 7 days of events - all of which are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Black Trans Media will be presenting "Black Trans Lives Mattter" - a workshop on the intersections of black trans life and the role media and arts play in telling our narratives. We have lost so many black trans women this year to murder and hate.The media teaches us how to enact violence onto black people and trans people just by watching. We consume deceitful mainstream narratives in pop culture, comedy, and of course the news. It's imperative to create a space to challenge and unpack these depictions and hold conversations about the true experiences of black trans peoples. In this dynamic interactive workshop participants will watch and discuss examples drawing from the work of Black Trans Media and other examples analyzing the role black arts plays in our liberation. Black Trans Media shifts to re-frame the value and worth of black trans peoples through media and community organizing.

Participants will leave this workshop with critical language and relationships to new and emerging work, holding powerful conversations about racism and trans-phobia. Workshop participants will leave this space uplifted and educated to support their communities.


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