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Black Trans Media

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"This is What Trans Love Really Looks Like"

On Feb. 12, Trans Pride NYC gathered a vibrant group of trans-identified story tellers and creatives to share their experiences with love during an event entitled "Kiss Me, I'm Trans." The evening was a moving testament to the ways their experiences are uniquely shaped by the various meanings given to and perceptions of their bodies, as well as by the consistent threat and reality of violence. 

"Black, Red, and Blue: Sasha Alexander On the Policing of Black Trans Bodies"

Sasha Alexander of Black Trans Media speaks to to One+Love about policing, pain, and power. If you can be in Harlem this Friday, don’t miss Black, Red, and Blue, “a night of film, discussion, storytelling, healing, and resistance in honor of Islan Nettles and black trans peoples.”

"To Be Black, Trans, and Brilliant : Sasha Alexander "

An interview between Founder of Black Trans Media Sasha Alexander and J Mase III pn the origins of Black Trans Media and where #blacktranseverything comes from.

"Living Color : Love is Revolutionary When Your Black and Transgender"

On the power of love as black trans people, an interview with Diane Moodie Mills of NBC Black, Olympia and Sasha of Black Trans Media talk about the power of love in their work and lives. 

"10 Trans Women of Color in Love"

February 12, 2015

ELIXHER joined forces with dynamic trans community leaders of color and grassroots groups to profile how beautiful and powerful love looks for 10 trans women of color. This piece would not exist without Ashley Love of Black Trans * Women’s Lives Matter, Bali White, L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith, Monica Roberts of TransGriot, and Olympia Perez and Sasha Alexander of Black Trans Media. - See more at:

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