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Space is the Place

Black Trans Media's Space is the Place work is documenting the narratives of black trans people navigating access to safe, accessible, affirming land, housing, and space in nyc while organizing for immediate and long-term space for black trans people.

we started by recording the narratives of black trans people in New York City facing a lack of accessible or safe space; increased gentrification and policing, shelter and housing discrimination, racism and transphobia in systems, our neighborhoods, and every day lives. 

We launched a campaign about space This led us to interviewing Black Trans people stewarding land and space in NYC and across the country. 

We recognize that space is a central issue in our lives across movements. as black trans people who experience Racist and transphobic violence in public and private spaces - living on stolen land - we must take action to craft our own spaces and hold spaces accountable to the ways they have harmed us and our people. there is a rich history in Brooklyn, NYC, and our diaspora beyond.
black trans people deserve space to live and thrive now and into the future. 

Stay tuned for our space is the place summit coming 2023-2024


Are you helping create immediate and long term space for Black Trans people in NYC or globally?

Want to redistribute your space to Black Trans people?

Reach out if you want to support us!

Community Media Organizers Luka and Eli film an interview on housing instability in Prospect Park in 2019
Chino Hardin Co-Director of the Center for Nu Leadership on creating space as a Black Trans Indigenous Man for formaly incarcerated people interviewed  at Wildseed Farm and Community Healing Village in New York during Fall 2021
Ceyenne Doroshow Founder and Director of GLITS on obtaining long term space as a Black Trans Woman interviewed by Community Organizing Summer Internship fellows Brianna and Josiah in 2022
Marlow Logan White Founder of Trans Harlem filmed at the Electric Lady Bug Community Garden on food sovereignty and racial justice in 2019
Imani Henry Founder of Equality and Justice 4 Flatbush interviewed on gentrification, police violence, and racism interviewed in Brooklyn 2019
Black Trans Media at WILDSEED Community Farm and Healing Village upstate New York,  camping out and filming an interview on Black Trans land stewardship in 2021
Derek Baugh Founder and Director of UBUNTU in Atlanta Interviewed in 2022 about his critical work creating a housing program for Black Trans Men in Georgia
 Jasmine McKenzie Founder and Director of the McKenzie Project at the House of Joy and Liberation in Florida interviewed on creating safe space for Black Trans people in 2023 
Brayland Brown Co-Director of the Smile Trust interviewed in Miami Florida at the Freedom Lab on climate justice, food justice, and meeting the need for Black Trans people while facing anti-trans legislation in 2023
Flyer from Space is the Place Campaign organizing event kick off at the Lion Theatre in Manhattan 2019
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