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Black Trans Futures

Our black trans futures are at stake

we do not only want to mirror the world as we live in but reflect the futures we want.


What do you want for the future of black trans people?


Our folks have been pushed out, locked up, erased, isolated, violated, and killed

strategizing our futures is part of our work.


Graphic created in 2015 to honor Islan Nettles a young black trans women who was attacked and killed in August 2014, rest in power Islan Nettles. 

Media Graphics - Workshops - Film Festival

Graphic created in response to continued violence against black transwomen 

Graphic created in 2014 in response to black lives matter and the push for an intersectional framework that included black trans people

Graphic created in 2018 following the news of our sisters murder, she was 35 which has been reported as the average life-span of a black transwomen. Rest in Power Tonya Kita Harvey.

We host workshops and other cultural events around the theme of black trans futures, in June 2017 we traveled to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit to present our "black trans futures' workshop

Photo from Black Trans Futures film festival August 2017 at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance 

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