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We are #blacktranseverything storytellers, organizers, artists, healers, abolitionist, leaders, facilitators we nourish #blacktransloveiswealth confront racism and transphobia using media to strategize, build power for Black Trans people and build #blacktransfutures

We are not a 501C3/non profit organization, we believe in being an autonomous black trans led project that works to address the non profit industrial complex model. We are a fiscally sponsored project of Alliance for Global Justice where you can donate directly below and support our work, thank you! 


Meet our Staff and Community Media Organizers
Olympia Sudan
2014 - present
she/her they/them
Sasha Alexander
2013 - present
they/she/he mix it up or use my name

I'm Olympia Sudan Co-Director of Black Trans Media. I co-mange operations of Black Trans Media strengthening the direction, analysis, and leadership development of our work. I shift narratives, build community partnerships, providing political education, workshops, and strengthening leadership and membership development. I develop and document community projects and actions and facilitate  creative and community based spaces, and mutual aid work moving resources.


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I'm Sasha Alexander Founder and Co-Director of Black Trans Media I co-manage operations of Black Trans Media leading strategic development of our work especially media making. I organize and facilitate black trans cultural space  and connect black trans folks to each other thru  multi-media art, community projects, apprenticeships, leadership development, political education, organizing, and events. I work to  develop the sustainability and power of Black Trans Media and Black TGNC peoples. 


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Mikayla Capozzi
Community Media Organizer
2019 - present
Eli D. Saint
Community Media Organizer
2019 - present
he/him they/them

I'm Mikayla Capozzi a Community Media Organizer with Black Trans Media. 

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I'm Eli D. Saint a Community Media Organizer with Black Trans Media. 


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Devin Lowe
Community Media Organizer
2020 - present
he/him they/them

I'm Devin Lowe a Community Media Organizer with Black Trans Media. 


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Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 3.18.15 AM.png

OLYMPIA SUDAN is a Afro-Latinxasian Transwoman who was raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She is a poet, healer, multimedia artist, strategist, pop-culture crtitic and facilitator invested in decolonizing spaces. She has been organizing since 2006 around the intersections of violence she and her trans and gnc communities of color face. She is awakened by the spiritual force that drives her to dislocate and dismantle the systems that we are subjected to; that oppress the best part of us, and that is to live. Olympias adversity informs the work she does with community and she is deeply invested in the liberation of all black trans and gnc people of color. Olympia works to restore her spirit from the confines of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy as a trans warrior. She enjoys adventures with her wife Sasha, reading, and writing. She is the Co-Director of Black Trans Media, working to shift and reframe the value of black trans people thru media, education, and community building. Her pronouns are They/Them and Her-She like the chocolate bar.

SASHA ALEXANDER.Sasha Alexander is a queer trans, black/south asian, adoptee, artist, abolitionist, organizer, facilitator, and healer. A former youth organizer, Sasha has been working at the intersections of LGBTQIA+, youth, media, economic, gender and racial justice movements for over 20 years. In 2013 Sasha was named one of the Inaugural Trans 100 for their organizing and media based work in trans communities of color, after teaching at the intersections of youth media and social justice for over a decade, and called to action by the murder of 21 year old Islan Nettles, Sasha launched Black Trans Media committed to addressing the intersections of racism and transphobia by shifting and reframing the value and worth of black trans people #blacktranseverything. Sasha works as the Founder and Co-Director of Black Trans Media based in Brooklyn and is also the Membership Director at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) in NYC a legal and movement based organization working for collective liberation; as the Membership Director and Co-Director of the Movement Building Team Sasha works to strengthen the leadership of trans, gender non conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people. Sasha loves time on the land, decolonizing everything, shifting resources, trans reproductive futures, their cat mumia shakur, arts of all mediums, and movement history. In 2020 Sasha was named one of Root 100's Most Influential Black People. Sasha uses the pronouns she/they/he and insists that you mix it up or use their name.

MIKAYLA CAPOZZI Mikayla Capozzi is a native indigenous black trans women with roots in the South and NYC. she is family oriented person, who enjoys life to the fullest. She is currently producing her first film about her life as a part of the Community Media Makers Fellowship and works with Black Trans Media as a Community Media Organizer on Reframing Black Trans Health Narratives interviewing, filming, and organizing around healthcare inequities. She is a survivor of trans violence. She has been navigating, advocating for herself and her communities of color by organizing around discrimination, housing right and safe access to be ourselves as a black trans person since 2011. She is also a writer, storyteller, sister, auntie and a great friend to many. Mikayla loves to decorate, cook and spend time with the people she loves.


DEVIN LOWE  Devin Lowe is a community organizer invested in the liberation of Black and trans people from the constraints of capitalism, white supremacy, and cis-hetero-patriarchy. He holds a passion for moving resources to his community and is committed to helping to create a world where Black trans people are not just seen, but respected, protected, supported, and valued. With an understanding of the need to center the most marginalized, and for trans masculine people to be working in communal solidarity to support Black trans women, Devin is the founder and current Executive Director for the Black Trans Travel Fund. 

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